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All testimonials are kept ‘anonymous’ to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our patients. 

Hey Sarah! It's (NAME REMOVED) Thank you again for the other day. My mind was blown from that session and I think everyone in the world needs a Sarah in their lives. I am home visiting my family and I can already see a shift for the better. I am starting to be able to see my relationships from a different lens and the journal prompts have been really insightful. Do you have availability next week for another session?"
"Hello Miss Sarah....I know you have touched a lot of people in this program, remember you made one see that there was hope (a lot) for me. I'll always remember you (the lady I was scared of)made me challenge myself.."
“Hi Sarah, my name is NAME REMOVED, and I am NAME REMOVED, husband. I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you for the work you have done with NAME REMOVED. I know she is the one who had to put the work in but you were there to point her in the right directions. I am seeing a side of her that makes me love her even more. It has been amazing to see her become more free. I can't thank you enough. I feel like you helped save my marriage.”
Sarah is incredible at what she does. She's an amazing listener and even better at responding with insight. I avoided therapy for a long time because I assumed therapists were only in it for the money, but that is not the case here. She's a true empath, and takes everything you say to heart. Every time I've visited her, which is a lot, I've left in a significantly better place, with a totally new perspective. If you are anyone you know has considered therapy, you couldn't ask for anyone better. ."
"Sarah, I don't know how too Thank You. Meeting you in this place, at this time and for said reasons has had a profound affect on me. Your gift of understanding people and having them let you help guide them in an other wise confusing time, is really special. I know that you can do even greater thing in life. You are a true inspiration. A breathe of fresh air. thanks to you cannot be told. A place in my heart will always hold reserve with your name......Thank you forever."
Sarah is nothing short of spectacular in her ability to connect with her patients. I have been seeing her once a week for the past 6 months and I can honestly say she's changed my life for the better in ways I never knew were possible. She is incredibly easy to talk to and get along with and you can tell she truly cares about the well being and growth of her clients. If you or someone you know is going through a rough time or just needs someone to talk to then I cannot recommend her services enough. A true life changer!.”
Sarah, this counselor goes above and beyond I'm sure the parameter of her job description. In her counseling sessions, she always made you feel comfortable. Her sessions always had a meaning that was easy to make two and two click. If you ever needed her after class or any other time she made herself accessible. wonderful and positive.."
"Sarah has profoundly changed my life with her wisdom and truth. Her approach creates such a safe environment for the work that is done in sessions. I have never felt so seen and heard before coming to her. Sarah gives you the resources to awaken the healer within. Thank you Sarah!!!"
I would like to give the highest praise and admiration to my therapist, Sarah. She has provided me with information and challenges that aided my recovery path in a positive way. Her passion and expertise is unparalled, in my experience she is a passionate, caring individual who deserves recognition.”
Sarah the therapist, is absolutely amazing. Her techniques and general attitude are greatly appreciated. Her classes have been wonderful, knowledgeable and reassuring. She's Awesome!."
"Sarah is incredible and my experience working with her has changed my life. I refused therapy my whole life and decided to give Sarah a try as recommended and have now been seeing her for a year and a half. I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone seeking to better themselves."
Sarah, Thank you so much for opening my eyes and heart to your honesty and joy that you gave me and your passion of and love of helping addicts like me. You have been a big part of saving my life.”
"Dear Sarah, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and given me. I don't know the words to describe what you gave me, except for the word hope. I have it just for today."
I really didn't have much luck with therapy until I met Sarah, and I can very happily and proudly say that I've made an immense amount of progress with her help. She is so kind, respectful, and professional. She clearly knows her stuff and is able to communicate ideas very clearly back to me. Even though I had to move away for a time she has accommodated me with therapy video calls. I really look forward to every session and can't recommend her enough. .”
"I would like to give Sarah a huge thank you. I have been through a few courses and have never had a counselor that was so into her job. She is insightful and caring. Runs the class with ease and control. She has helped me more than I can say. Her way of teaching is exceptional!"
"Ms. Sarah, My first inclination was to write a scolding message (smile) then I thought it better to look at the glass as being half-full. Having attended a session with you was better than never having the chance at all. It was evident to me within the first moments of group that a connection was made. Not only was your knowledge of the material you were teaching was superb, but I was impressed with the simplicity of your teaching style making it easy to grasp. I was hooked, hanging onto every word for fear that I might miss something. Although it was only a few sessions I was able to attend, they were greatly rewarding. Any organization you choose to work with should definitely consider you as a valued asset. It has been an honor to be one of your clients. Thank you." 
It takes a special person to heal a heart, and Sarah Quigg is that person. You are a heart healer.”
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