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Heart-Centered Thoughts, 52-ways to heal the Heart offers readers interdisciplinary tools, daily practices, and emotional and spiritual support to heal and recreate their lives. This 52-card deck will show you how to consciously heal from patterns that leave us feeling unhappy, unbalanced, and unfulfilled causing emotional, physical and spiritual pain. Heart-Centered will inspire you to dive deeper into your truths as you learn how to become your own inner healer and align with your full potential. The Heart-Centered Thoughts Product Line takes you on a self-healing journey to self-discovery and aims to teach you how to create emotional wellness and space for joy. 

'As Seen On' The NYC Journal, Entrepreneur's Herald, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and major media outlets! Best of Florida Nominee (Results October 14, 2023)


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Heart-Centered Thoughts 52-ways to heal the Heart

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