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about Sarah Quigg

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One of the most sought after therapists in Saint Augustine Florida, Sarah blends the art and science of mental health therapy beautifully and helps individuals find their path forward. 

Sarah Elizabeth Quigg, Best of Florida Nominee (results October 14th, 2023) is a licensed trauma-informed therapist, practitioner and entrepreneur has been recognized on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, The NYC Journal, Entrepreneurs Herald, Voyage Magazine LA, Disruptors Magazine + major media outlets, and recently received candidacy into Marqui's Who's Who in America in August of 2022. Sarah practices out of Saint Augustine, Florida conveniently located near the beaches and historical downtown. Her education consists of degrees, credentials, training and continuing education from Flagler College, Nova Southeastern University, and Johns Hopkins. Sarah started her own practice and Heart-Centered Community in an effort to expand her approach and help as many individuals heal worldwide.  

Sarah Quigg is the Founder of Life in Balance Therapeutic Healing, LLC and Heart-Centered Thoughts, a self-healing product line, virtual healing community,

and workshops and courses at

The framework and foundation of all the work she does begins with a trauma informed evidence-based approach, getting to the root cause of an inflexible nervous system and going deeper on the concept of emotional trauma, understanding what happened to you, understanding the root cause, understanding the nervous system, creating an experiential shift where you begin to feel safe. 

Sarah is known to bring a special energy to therapy and truly believes individuals have the capacity to heal. Her style uses warmth, compassion, discernment, optimism and collaboration. She plays an active role in therapy, and is known to challenge her patients, highlight where they are stuck, and encourage their transformation.  She plays close attention to patterns and listens to understand an individual's full story before examining the issue that brings him or her into therapy. 

You can follow Sarah Quigg on Instagram at her NEW account @the.heartcentered.therapist where she teaches individuals how to heal and do the inner work with heart-centered consciousness.

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